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Articles, pictures, and maps for students on animals, history, people, places, science and more.

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Magazines, newspapers, images, podcasts, video on all subjects for students, their teachers, and parents.

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Articles, newspapers, and multimedia on topics most often researched in high schools for students, their teachers, and parents

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Articles, newspapers, and multimedia on topics most often researched in public libraries.

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Complete list of articles, newspapers, and multimedia.

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HelpNow provides students of all ages with live online tutoring and homework help in English and Spanish from 2pm - 11pm, and includes 24/7 access to a comprehensive library of interactive tests, including academic skills assessments, standardized tests, and New Mexico-aligned tests.

JobNow provides career resources, resume and interview help.


Search in Gale’s Newsstand and selected newspapers from Newsbank.

The first name in vehicle maintenance delivers thousands of year, make and model combinations whenever you need it.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

24/7 access to your library’s best reference books and encyclopedias makes this the choice for late-night homework or fast answers anytime.

Kids InfoBits

Age-appropriate content, fun graphics and topic-tree navigation keep K-5 kids engaged in current events, the arts, science, history, sports and more.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Authoritative sources deliver facts and pro/con perspectives on today's hottest social issues – ideal for any research assignment.